What goes on behinde the scene of the Corona Virus Theatre?

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Business Shutdown in Los Angeles.

Coronavirus: Italian military transports bodies as cemetery overwhelmed.

Virus shutdown leaves San Francisco streets empty.

The US President Donald Trump says he expects the US to be "open and raring to go" by Easter Sunday, which is only three weeks away. 

 France and most EU nations close borders for 30 days in coronavirus fight.

What's planned for April? 

It is noticeable that a massive military deployment is taking place in European countries. Even Switzerland is calling in 8,000 soldiers in a partial mobilisation. 

Whole trains of tanks are brought to their places of action in the Netherlands.
The Defender 20 manoeuvres have been cancelled due to the Corona virus. However, masses of combat troops are still being moved. What are the military plans for April here in Europe?

 Enemy Panic : US Sending 20,000 Military to Europe and UK Near Atlantic for major fight

The U.S. Army Europe reports that since March 13, all movements of personnel and equipment from the United States to Europe have been suspended. The health, safety and preparedness of our military, civilians and family members is our primary concern.

Nevertheless, it is still observed in ports and military airfields that new troops arrive and join the combat units. German and American soldiers are currently practicing house-to-house combat at a military training area in Bergen, Norway.

U.S. Marines Freeze Their Asses Off While Norwegians Laugh