Why can the coronavirus in China be transmitted from ready-prepared food to humans?

How does the coronavirus pandemic affect the global economy?

The last ships left China a week ago and will arrive at their destinations in two to three weeks. After that there will be nothing more. This will bring the global economy to a halt. 

Hyundai has already stopped production in South Korea.  The German car manufacturers are of course severely affected. On the one hand, by the lack of deliveries from their Chinese suppliers, but then by the collapsing sales in China itself. Daimler makes almost 50% of its sales in China. If the economy in China comes to a standstill, there's certainly no way a Chinese will buy a new Benz. Audi and VW also make large sales in China. The coronavirus entails a whole range of consequences, but very few people have recognized this so far.

Statistics of the worldwide spread of the coronavirus. 


Are the published figures correct or are the real numbers in Wuhan much higher?

There is some evidence that more people are dying from that 2019-nCoV coronavirus than are reported to the Chinese authorities. We must therefore assume that the deaths reported to us by Johns Hopkins University are too low, because the figures are based on the information provided by the Chinese authorities. 

Tencent Holdings Ltd. may have by mistake passed on real data about the deaths caused by the Wuhan virus. Tencent briefly lists 154,023 infections and 24,589 deaths caused by the Wuhan corona virus.
Source: Taiwan News from 2/5/2020.

Who benefits from the collapse of the global economy?

Russia is subject to massive sanctions by the USA because of the Crimean question. Russia is therefore currently self-sufficient and, economically on its own, extremely strong. The collapse of the international divison of labor cannot harm Russia. 

The Western countries and China are affected quite differently. The Western countries have shifted their workbenches to China and now, with China's economy in decline, they no longer receive products, parts and sub-assemblies.

In South Korea, Hunday has already had to close down factories, Japanese companies will follow
soon. About ten days ago the last ships left Chinese ports with cargo for the US and Europe. These ships will reach their ports of destination in about two weeks. After that, there will be nothing more and the European and American economies will also come to a halt. 

Chinese live animal markets

Scientists from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said tests proved humans caught it from animals at the market where customers chose from live animals that were slaughtered in front of them (picture shows living frogs at the market).

 Live animals offered at a Chinese wildlife market.

To understand the transmission of the coronavirus from animals to humans, it is necessary to know one more thing about the eating habits of the Chinese. It is these eating habits that make such a virus transmission more likely than in other parts of the world. Chinese eat many different sea animals and also insects as street food on the road or at special wild animal wholesale markets, such as the now closed Wuhan Seafood Wholesale Market, where other wild animals were also sold or offered as food at food stands. 

WARNING: The following video may contain images that some viewers may find upsetting.

While in fried, boiled or roasted food the viruses have been destroyed and therefore can no longer cause any harm, you eat these active viruses with still living animals. The probability of getting sick from such viruses is very high.

Many chinese food stands sell living animals as food, as a delicay. No wonder, such virus transmissions from animals to humans occur time and again. 

What development of the pandemic and the economy can we expect?

The Chinese government is now trying to control the outbreak of the pandemic through rigorous quarantines. No success has yet been seen. Every eight to ten days the number of confirmed coronavirus infections increases tenfold.

Empty streets, busy supermarkets and hospitals in Wuhan.

The quarantines and suspended traffic in China have led to the collapse of the economy and also to the closure of factories working for export. This will take months to restore normal delivery times and product availability, even after work resumes in the indefinite future.

We will see in the future, whether the collapse of the Chinese economy will cause Donald Trump's economic miracle to collapse too, or whether this is an opportunity for the USA to become self-sufficient again and generate additional economic growth itself. The question is, if this is the end of Globalism.