Q-Anon’s main mission is to educate, expose evil, shed light on darkness, and bring awareness and truth.


We can be involved in the birth of a new age right now. It will be an era of peace, granting peoples their freedom, their traditions and their customs. Nevertheless, a constructive kind of new global cooperation will develop that serves people and will no longer satisfy the greed of only a few.   

I am a Patriot of Switzerland and Q ist important for the whole world. I am just sharing this great message with the world at large. If you want to know what is going on in the world, in AMERICA, this is the best 13 minutes of your life...Qanon-THE PLAN TO SAVE THE WORLD. 

US citizens did NOT elect a politician as President, this time...the PEOPLE elected a CITIZEN.  

Donald Trump, President of the United States. (Image Licence from Pixabay)

Yes, Q exists. Q is military intelligence of about 800 patriots who are advisers of the president.

Video: June 26, 2018

Quick Explanation of Q-Anon!

Q-Anon came on the scene in late October 2017. “Q” dropped clues through posts that led to research by Patriots around the world.  Q-Anon’s main mission is to educate, expose evil, shed light on darkness, and bring awareness and truth.  Q-Anon taught Patriots how to stand up against the Deep State/NWO operatives and to Never Ever Give Up!
Learn the Basics of the War with the Deep State: https://youtu.be/Z3KBDpKo3kg 

Over 40,400 Sealed Indictments! Over 5,060 per month for 8 MONTHS straight when a normal year is just over 1,000 per YEAR. https://twitter.com/damartin32 

List of CEO resignations: https://www.resignation.info/list 

This video was the cause of Donald Trump's election victory:
Video: October 24, 2016

What is Q?

#Qanon's intel drops are approved by President Trump and the proofs provided here will debunk any claims otherwise. This is not a conspiracy theory nor is it a prank. This is a massive effort for alertness and transparency from our government.