The "Deep State" and Its Influence on US Politics

What is the "Deep State"?

The term "deep state" refers to a relatively invisible state apparatus that acts as a kind of shadow government in the USA. While the mainstream media want us to believe that the "deep state" would just be a conspiracy theory, there is much evidence that the deep state really exists and that it is organized in a system of lodges.

This system of lodges is not limited to the USA. Quite the opposite is true. This system of lodges is spread all over the world. It may even be that US politics is dictated from somewhere in Europe. This system of lodges is in the hands of dark powers.

Things are even worse as there are three different systems of lodges that are fighting each other. While the system of the deep state is corrupt and criminal and has the goal of doing damage to the people, there are two other systems that are, spoken in a simplified language, the good ones.

Donald Trump is the first president since JFK, who dares to stand up to the deep state.

What is the influence of the Deep State on the world population?

It is hard to understand and to accept that the fate of the US citizens and of the world population is depending on how the three systems perform in that fight. If the evil ones would always win, we were already suffering under World War III. From a european point of view, there are three major developments that depend heavily on the outcome of these fractional struggles.

1. The war in Syria has the potential of escalating fast, if the USA and NATO get involved. US military is under a strong influence of the deep state and therefore the future development is uncertain.

2. A financial crash is ahead of us. Analyst Lynette Zang even speaks of a reset of the whole financial system. In this video, she explains the chart-patterns that signalize the coming crash.

3. In Germany, chancellor Angela Merkel with her clandestine immigration and flooding the country with criminals, rapists and religous warriors is causing tensions that will lead to a civil war.

She is a member of the jewish lodge B'nai B'irth and she was honored with a decoration in 2008. Her politics does not leave the smallest doubt that she is implementing the Kalergi-plan in Germany. The EU is also fostering the Kalergi-plan EU-wide. 

Uncertain Future 

These three developments will cause a maximum of chaos world-wide. As we don't know about the future outcome of the power struggles among the three fractions of lodges, we cannot predict what will happen to the world population in the next few years to come.