Will the Syrian conflict lead to direct hostilities between USA and Russia?

US-backed ISIS-terrorists cause a lot of harm to civilians. (Symbol picture).

The liberation of the Syrian province of Idlib had been delayed over the last few days, as Turkey brought in the credible proposal to disarm and evacuate all of the nearly 100,000 terrorists in the province - and possibly to transfer them further to Germany. Apparently, this plan failed when Western-backed terrorists attacked with artillery fire targets in their Christian neighborhoods, killing several women and children. The Syrian people are increasingly calling for a tougher crackdown by President Assad against the terrorists in Idlib.

Air strikes on targets in the Syrian province of Idlib were intensified on September 7, 2018.
Intensified air strikes in the province of Idlib. (Symbol picture)

The West supports the ISIS terrorists

When, a few days ago, ISIS terrorists had failed with a surprise attack on Palmyra and some assailants could be captured alive, the terrorists later testified during the interrogation that they had been trained and armed by US soldiers in the illegally operated US military base Al-Tanf at the Syrian-Jordanian border. This sensational and relevant message was hushed up in the forced into line Western press.

The Western media and politicians, who for years have hailed the bloody advance of the terrorists in Syria, who had lobbied the war crimes of the US and its allies in Rakka and Mosul as collateral damages and ignored mass killing in Yemen, are concerned about the upcoming destruction of US-led terrorists in Idlib and start to flap.

After the West has supplied the terrorists with weapons and simultaneously put sanctions against the people for destruction and misery, one worries suddenly about the humanitarian situation of the population. It is often denied that most civilians in Idlib - as in Aleppo, East Ghouta and other now liberated and pacified cities - are held hostage by the terrorists and abused as human shields. Terrorists always bombarded the escape corridors established by the armies of Syria and Russia.

The Russian military announces the destruction of the US-run ISIS terrorist camps.

In the event of further interference by the West in the Syrian anti-terrorist operation, the Russian military now announced direct air strikes against terrorist camps jointly operated by ISIS and the US Army on the Syrian-Jordanian border. So the West would be well advised to refrain from rocket attacks on Syria that were contrary to international law after a poison gas lie, which probably will be staged by the British secret service.

Despite Russian warnings, USA, Great Britain and France nevertheless announced rocket strikes against Syria. That would very likely lead to a rapid escalation of the Syrian conflict. Direct hostilities between Russia and the Western aggressors can no longer be ruled out in this case. In the first week of September 2018, the Duma discussed the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons to Syria. 

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