New insights on the North Korean crisis

How Donald Trump Wants to Handle the North Korean Crisis 

The United States want to nuke Hawaii

We reported already on August 5, 2017 that the US government is dedicated to attack North Korea: "If this information available to us confirms in early September, there is a plan from the US side to launch a false flag attack that will make the world believe, North Korea had made its threat true and attacked the US State of Hawaii. The mass media will as always believe into the news of CNN without doing own investigations. They will proclaim in large letters to the world that North Korea had made its threats serious and led a first nuclear strike against the US. (In fact, a US submarine will launch a mini-nuke medium range ballistic missile with low impact from the Chinese waters on Hawaii, according to our research.) The reason for this approach on part of the USA is due to the logic that after such an attack on the US, North Korea’s allies Russia and China have no reason to stand up to North Korea, if the US will make a counter-attack."
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New insights on the North Korean crisis

Yes, there are new insights. The Russians have put their air forces into full alert, making it clear that they will not tolerate a US attack on North Korea. This should also be the reason why no US attack on North Korea has yet taken place. The US air force on Guam remains on alert, so that an attack on North Korea could be flown at any time.

Putin is evacuating East Russia, including the important port city of Vladivostok. People are brought to a safe place. It's not yet clearly recognisable, if this is just a drill or a preparation for the upcoming new Korean war.

The plan of the USA, to carry out a false flag attack on Hawaii and blame North Korea for it, is leaked, focusing on Russia and Hawaii. It is questionable whether the US can still implement this plan.

Hydrogen bomb.

The danger of war is still huge and the US appears to be determined to attack North Korea. A next critical date is Saturday, September 9, 2017. North Korea then celebrates the 69th anniversary of its foundation. Traditionally, on such an occasion a rocket is launched or a large military exercise is carried out. This year, there will probably be a launch of an ICBM in direction of the US mainland.

Japan is evacuating its citizens from South Korea.

One has to keep in mind what a huge economic damage has already caused the US threat to attack North Korea with "fire and fury". The allies of South Korea are particularly affected by this threat. When the Japanese leave South Korea, the factories will be shut down and many South Koreans will lose job and income. The damage that a country can inflict can be seen in the Philippines, where rebels had attacked Japanese factories decades ago. The Japanese have then withdrawn and have not returned. The factories are still empty today.

Donald Trump's threats to impose sanctions on any country merchandising with North Korea will cost the United States its unchallenged status as the world's leading economic power. China already offers to trade oil instead of in US dollars in the stable and gold-backed Yuan. In the face of the aggressiveness and unpredictability of the US, I expect that not only oil trading will take place in Yuan in the future, but the entire world trade.

Situation around North Korea at the end of September 2017

During the last few days of September, a lot of things happend and the situation was a bit confusing. Since the end of September, there is a lot of war rhetoric and threats from the US towards North Korea. However, despite all these provocations, Kim Jong-Un remains circumspected, relaxed and professional. It becomes obvious to the whole world that Donald Trump is the warmonger who cannot wait to attack North Korea.

I think, they are setting us up with the latest war rhetoric for a big nuclear false flag attack. Already for months, the population of Hawaii gets prepared for a nuclear attack by North Korea. It seems, the authorities are sure that this nuclear attack will hit Hawaii. A tactical mini-nuke, which will not cause too much damage, will hit one of the sparsely poplated islands of Ni'ihau or Kauai.

Just think: Would Kim Jong-Un use a small mini-nuke and target a more or less lonely island?