Huge Threat to the Hawaii Islands by the US Government

Huge threat to the Hawaii islands by the US Government. Will an US submarine nuke Hawaii, and the US government will blame North Korea for it?
"I traveled a lot. But I have not met any people in any country that should be bombed."
Daniele Ganser, peace activist
A few days ago, I found the following urgent message on a Facebook account, which publishes reliable information about world affairs already for years. The message was written in German language.
I translated that Facebook post into English and publish it here in my blog. Here it is, this alarming announcement about a huge threat to the Hawaii islands by the US government. The titles and the illustrations were added by the publisher of this blog. The story starts in North Korea: 

August 2, 2017

+++ URGENT - Important update on the situation around North Korea – the situation can escalate at any time! +++

North Korea's nuclear defence is almost ready.

Sixth North Korean Nuclear Test Happens This Weekend (August 4 - 6, 2017)

  • Three days ago, one of our informants picked up coded radio signals, sent on a secret frequency. Most of its content could be decoded so far. The decoded message announces the upcoming sixth North Korean nuclear test this coming weekend. US president Donald Trump made it very clear from the beginning that another nuclear test would have severe consequences and would imply a military response.
  • In addition, analysis of satellite images show unusually increased activities on the test site in North Korea. Detailed analysis have shown: "The rocket silo of the underground shaft, which has been equipped with a nuclear warhead, has been flooded with water 8 weeks ago, and the cast concrete cover, which has a thickness of about 15 meters, is completely hardened. Therefore, there is nothing in the way anymore for executing this sixth nuclear test.
North Korea's sixth nuclear test is scheduled for this weekend (August 4 - 6, 2017). 
  • This coming sixth nuclear test serves to build up the weapon plutonium, which for the first time has been compressed in its mass so that it can be installed on a carrier missile. 
Weapon Plutonium. Symbolic illustration.

Missile Launches from North Korean Submarines

  • There is another disturbing fact. One of our spotters catched radio messages that led to our Facebook post from July 9, 2017. We mentioned in there the possibility of missile launches from a North Korean submarine. Today, we can confirm that mention. We already informed alternatives media worldwide. We informed about a submarine, which dared to advance deep into Chinese waters for testing, how long it could be there without being detected. This information is also confirmed now.
Submarine carrying missiles. Symbolic illustration.
  • Thus, it has become clear that we can speak of a verified source, which we could win as a new member in our pool of informants. This very informant also forwarded the message about North Korea’s sixth nuclear test to us. Even though we hope that for the first time a message from us proves to be unconfirmed, there is nevertheless an almost 99% probability that it will happen in a few days. The exact day can only be assumed. If the message was correctly decoded, we have to expect that nuclear test next weekend that is between August 4 and August 6 2017. 
  •  Long before any other news portal told about the upcoming missile launches from a North Korean submarine, we informed about it in our message from July 9, 2017. Furthermore, we would like to provide some background information, why these missile launches from a submarine are so important. – What we know is very worrying. According to this, the North Korean military is specifically preparing for the possibility of using so-called ejection tests of submarine launched missiles to advance the one-tenth heavier intercontinental ballistic rocket with a new rocket propulsion drive divided into three phases. The nuclear warhead of the ICBM weighs approx. 1000 kg. Due to this extra weight, the steam-driven rocket silo device of the submarine has not been able to push the rocket off far enough from the boat that the start-up flame of the rocket engine does not endanger the submarine. 
 Missile launch from a North Korean submarine.
  • For the launch of the nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile, the submarine has to appear just below the water surface. In order to bring the new, more powerful missile propulsion units and ejectors to the desired result, North Korea will do some more of these test missile launches from a submarine in the next few days. They will fly only a few kilometers and plunge into the sea, since these tests are not a matter of reach. 

Testing a New Heatshield

  • The test missile launch a few days ago had the purpose of testing a new heat shield, which has to protect the warhead from burning at the re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. However, this test has failed. Thus, if this rocket had carried a nuclear warhead, the rocket would not have reached its destination with its cargo.
Failed test, balst at the re-entry of the missile. Symbolic illustration.


North Koreas Actual Activities

North Korea is currently working on improving its flight stabilizers and ranges, improving its shields and increasing its submarines pre-extension technology. All these activities are currently done parallel. Therefore, we observe the actual increased activity on the sites. It looks like North Korea is about to complete all the tests successfully.
Missile test flight. Symbolic illustration

       Huge Threat to the Hawaii Islands by the US Government: they want to nuke Hawaii!

The US government and the US secret services know about these facts and will with the help of Japan and South Korea put North Korea in its place by a military intervention. Of course, the US want to solve that North Korean problem before North Korea and its missiles become a real threat and before North Korea will be able to shoot its missiles to the US mainland. There is no plan to involve China in this military operation against North Korea. A direct, obvious attack would be equivalent to an escalation with unpredictable consequences. This is why Washington plays with the idea to create a reason of the war in a tried, tested way, and to put the blame on the alleged enemy.
Hula hula dancers on Hawaii. Symbolic illustration.
If this information available to us confirms in early September, there is a plan from the US side to launch a false flag attack that will make the world believe, North Korea had made its threat true and attacked the US State of Hawaii. The mass media will as always believe into the news of CNN without doing own investigations. They will proclaim in large letters to the world that North Korea had made its threats serious and led a first nuclear strike against the USA. (In fact, an US submarine will launch a mini-nuke medium range ballistic missile with low impact from the Chinese waters on Hawaii, according to our research.) The reason for this approach on part of the USA is due to the logic that after such an attack on the US, North Korea’s allies Russia and China have no reason to stand up to North Korea, if the US will make a counter-attack.

Framework Conditions

A worldwide escalation and a development into a global-scale conflict has to be excluded under all circumstances. However, in the sense of averting a danger, the US shall officially receive green light to destroy North Korea in a major offensive, under the applause of the unenlightened and naive masses. North Korea as a concept of an enemy was continually embedded in people's minds over the past few years. Again, the US government would be celebrated as an obliging protector and savior of the world in the fight against the rogue states. They could realize their secret real goals through this martial act against North Korea without losing even a tiny bit of their reputation. – Not even close! Not this time, as we are prepared! There will be no second 9/11 without the world getting to know it before! 
Give peace a chance. Please help us to prevent this false flag attack.

The plan will not work. – Help! Please help to prevent this False Flag attack by sending and sharing this article to many bloggers and friends on social media, so it is virally all around the world. Thus, this upcoming False Flag attack can be prevented, as it has been exposed and consequently will be failing in its effect.

Many concerned people ask us, how to prevent the imminent escalation. What can a single person contribute?
Well, you already got the answer. Please share this post as many times as possible and ask your friends to share it too!

We are many. Just in case that I would be disposed of, already a new one of us stands in my place and goes on.

Written by an anonymous global spotter.



  1. North Korea: Nuclear Test is imminent.

    According to the South Korean intelligence agency, the South Korean news station Korean Times reported that the area around a North Korean nuclear test site had increased its activity. This indicates that Pyongyang is preparing another nuclear test.

    Preparations near the Punggyeri site corresponded to those of earlier occasions before North Korea carried out a nuclear test. In addition, visitor traffic at the checkpoints leading to the North East North Korean region was obviously stopped. Still, the Ministry of Defense in Seoul is not quite sure whether this absolutely extraordnary activity is a predecessor for the sixth atomic test or simply an exercise.

    In addition, the Japan Times wants to have learned that a sixth nuclear test is imminent, as well as further missile tests. Right now, it seems to be confirmed what we reported through our informant in the last report.

    The exact day of the nuclear test, as well as the exact time and how much nuclear material is used, could not be decoded clearly. Under reserve, we are expecting a sixth nuclear test this weekend.

    The explosive power of the bomb is estimated under present estimates with an equivalent of 10 kilotons. The United States will send two aircraft carriers to waters around the Korean peninsula. The USS-Carl Vinson and the USS-Ronald Reagan will be put to sea.

    Source: Souverän Jörg


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