A Blog Is Born

A blog is born - What a joyful event!

Wow! My new blog is born!

I am very pleased to announce that a blog is born. The “BLOGGING-ERNEST”-blog is launched today.  
What a joy! What a celebration!

Why did I start this “BLOGGING ERNEST”-blog?

My decision to create a brand new blog was not an easy one.

As a photographer and fractal artist, so much of my time is already devoted to other activities that I felt, a new blog would just be another time consuming responsibility on top of an already large pile of creative ideas waiting for realization.

Despite the fact that I am deeply challenged by the daily tasks of my artistic activities, the idea of having a little space of my own where I could freely publish my own thinking and ideas started to really appeal.

A blog is born - What can the gentle reader expect to read in this blog?

This blog is mainly dedicated to four fields of topics:
  • Galleries of my photos and fractal artworks
  • Stories about anything and everything
  • Interesting observations of nature
  • Developments in social media
Well, this blog covers my favorite occupations. Of course, I hope that the readers will also be interested into some of the subjects I write about in my newborn blog. For making it easier to find what you are interested in, I organized the blog into four labels:
  • Art
  • Stories
  • Nature
  • Social Media

A good blog educates

There are so many things to experience in this world that there will never be a lack of topics to write about. Additionally, I will highlight important coherences and developments, especially in world affairs. Indeed, it may be that the interested reader gets new insights. A good blog also educates the blogger himself, as he learns permanently new things while investigating for new articles.

We are all intrinsically bound to each other. We are all connected by our dreams, hopes and a deep desire to love and be loved. If we all get more connected through this blog, then I have achieved more than I ever dared to hope for.
Thank you so much for reading my first blog post. I guess this makes it official I have started a blog!

Blogging Ernest