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Who is Q?

Dem Party Con: pretend #CoronaVirus is a natural event when they got to: 

1) Impose insecure mail vote 

2) Erase Trump economic gains 

3) Delay China trade deals 

4) Hide Biden's dementia 

5) Stop rallies 

6) Get #FisaGate out of the news. 

In an election year? 

Q-Drop 3896

Interpretation of the Q-Drop 3896Sean Morgan's great explanation of who Q is and how Donald Trump's campaign is affected by the Corona Virus pandemic. This pandemic came at the very moment when it could cause maximum damage.  

JOSHUA PHILIP with his CROSSROADS from March 26, 2020. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has switched the focus of its overseas disinformation push, which claimed the virus came from the United States instead of from China. The regime is now calling for US-China harmony, and is claiming the virus came from Italy. Fears are also growing of a second wave of the virus outbreak in China, as the regime plans to reopen Wuhan. In today’s episode of Crossroads, we have these stories and more.…

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Q-Anon’s main mission is to educate, expose evil, shed light on darkness, and bring awareness and truth.